Variety Trials Open Day 2023

On Wednesday 28th June almost one hundred advisors and industry stakeholders joined us at The National Crop Variety Trials at Kildalton College, Piltown to view and learn about the continuous work carried out there by The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s Crop Policy, Evaluation & Certification Division.

This visit gave all involved in the production of seed and supply chain partners a marvelous opportunity to understand the vital work undertaken to grow demand for native grains and develop new varieties suited to industry needs, that are environmentally and economically sustainable. This is ever more important as we reflect on food and feed security at home and abroad. Irish Certified Seed Assemblers pride themselves in having guaranteed quality product at the beginning of that process. They gave a detailed into all the varieties for recommendation, with over 300 varieties in trial accross all their sites. 

The seed division of DAFM work continually with our members (licensed assemblers of certified seed) on seed certification, alongside all their work of trialing and post control testing, culminating in the compilation of the DAFM recommended lists ahead of sowing seasons annually.